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Small Lathe | LIKUANG Machinery Custom Made Exclusive Your Small Lathe

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Lathes, also known as the spin, is a processing fixed on a rotating spindle tool machine processing. In 1797, Henry. Maudslay invented the lathe, usually on the cylindrical type of workpiece. General lathe is equipped with a variety of specialized tools, can complete inside and outside cylindrical turning, drilling, threading, cutting grooves, end processing, the car circles, drill the center hole, hole, reaming, cone, forming surface, knurling, coil springs and other processing procedures.

Head: also known as spindle, left side of the machine. Containing conductive bodies (step pulley variable speed of the belt transmission, gear, etc. ) And Morse taper spindle components. Gear spindle back device, connected with conduction mechanism of roller or gear, drive spindle running. Spindle front section device Chuck, face plate fixture clamping the workpiece. (Morse taper of the advantages of an empty spindle to spindle reduction weight and holding elongated workpieces. )

Lathe spindle gearbox
H1: housing stock gear head
H2: intermediate gear lever
H3: spindle in high speed transformation
H4: spindle
H5: tumbler gear-move forward/backward, up/off
H6:8 quick change gear box
H7: screw
H8: feed
H9: starting lever
H10: change gear cover

Lathe bed
Bed: (also known as: bed) large parts of the bed is the lathe, for after treatment of cast iron made. There are two high accuracy of v-Guide and rectangular Guide, guides are generally made by high-frequency hardening. Guide is divided into two parts, to guide the knife block with tailstock to move. Bed below place a screw, the screw will fit the spindle speed, and with knife block part of the car with automatic feed mechanism thread, knurling of the workpiece (workpiece or embossed). Bed profile, according to the manufacturing plants have different design styles, roughly divided into both British and American.

Comparison of British and American beds

< British bed >
1. the width of the bed, wearing less.
2. since less contact surface, move the turret effortlessly.
3. knife thin, holder of sliding force gets bigger.
4. wide bed, added to the pressure per unit area, there is less pressure oil.
5. because there is surface oil is off.

< American bed >
1. tool holder is made of wide sliding surface can support thin.
2. have a raised track can go in the right direction turret.
3. chip out on the bed.
4. place tool in bed and less tools.
5. shaft bracket to properly guide the main axis.

Lathe type
As industry developed under real work demands increase, to adapt to the variety of products and the trend of the modern automated processing potential, to meet production needs, development of a variety of different functions and features:

< Lathe >
Lathes, currently the most widely used kinds of lathes. Early lathes, engine drive is through the cone pulley of belt transmission speed transmission has now been switched to ' gear. Advantages of gear to pinpoint the spindle speed, and there is no spindle speed is too high, consumption of belt friction, sliding, because its main axis is horizontal, they are called the horizontal lathes. If the bed surface is concave, or notched lathe.

< Bench lathe >
Desk-top lathe also known as lathes, similar general lathe type and structure, normally installed on the work table using the name, applicable to the production of precision measuring tools, equipment, and small parts of the production.

< Vertical lathe >
Vertical lathe spindle for vertical installation, the beds are horizontal, workpieces on rotating platform. Particularly suitable for machining large diameter but shorter length of the workpiece.

< Turret lathe >
Turret Lathes, Turret Lathes, replaced with hexagon-shaped rotating turret lathe tailstock and design. Suitable for variety of processing requirements, special programs (like Zuan hole, reaming, boring) a large number of artifacts, suitable for mass production.

< Automatic lathe >
North Korea-made automatic lathe
Automatic lathes, turning automatically according to the processing order, car is complete will automatically retract, feeding, and the next turning of the finished product, suitable for mass production of small diameter workpieces.

< Modeling lathe >
Modeling lathe cutting lathe-like, using the stylus according to the model or the model's shape, also move turning lathe tool, so you can correctly turning the same artifacts and models.

Main article: CNC lathe
Full name is "computer numerical control lathes," or "CNC lathe". Advantage that is suitable for processing in the production of large quantities, design complexity, requiring high precision workpieces.